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Who is d. E.?

I'm a novelist, screenwriter, director, and the author of eleven novels, White Lie, Color Line, Just Like Your Daddy, I Know She Didn't, Crossing Color Lines, Counterfeit Friends, Forgetting U Existed, Innocent Crook, The Dark Side of Money, Dethroned, and Dynasty. All of the books in the Dark Side of Money book series have been Best Sellers. I have also directed three short films; I'm a Stanford University-certified Project Manager; and have attended the University of Notre Dame for Executive Leadership and Management and the New York Film Academy for film production. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Management and Production from Purdue University and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Bethel College. As I move into the world of film and television, I feel that my business acumen and project management experience are huge assets in me running the show "Torn Threads" and making it a successful hit.

My background

My writing comes from my deep passion for creating masterpieces through what I have observed in my environment. When I'm writing I feel like I'm in a world by myself and that there is no one better. With a long history of writing and producing, I feel like my ceiling is still unlimited and my creativity is always being enhanced with each new project.

Next Big Thing

Premise: One hour television series

"Torn Threads" is a gritty one-hour scripted TV pilot, behind the scenes story of a family owned fashion empire in peril. Held together and divided by a tormenting and intimidating mother Gloria Dean, the business thrives. After a sudden attempt on Gloria's life, she is put into a coma. Divided by greed, the family members wage an all-out war to gain control of the company. In a surprise twist, the bylaws place the eldest sister Jasmine in charge.

Being the black sheep of the family and due to her torrid relationship with her mother, Jasmine had no intention of returning home and running the company. After analyzing her dismal options and wanting to salvage a relationship with her mother, she accepts to make amends. When Jasmine returns, she is greeted by her icy-cold siblings with contempt. Both her brother and sister battle her as if the company was theirs, enlisting the aid of their mother’s long-time conniving business partner. They'll scheme to put an end to Jasmine’s new reign.

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